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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  June 19, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome back to the "france 24" newsroom. here are the headlines. a call from help -- a call for help from a rack. the iraqi prime minister asks the u.s. to launch airstrikes against the isis fighters taking over the north. spain celebrates its new monarch. -- felipe vixth calls for unity following his proclamation as king. he replaces his father after 40 years on the throne, but that is not the only spanish rain coming to an end. it is all over for the spanish world cup champ, crashing out of the tournament after two straight losses to brazil.
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also coming up, more train drivers across france are giving up the fight against the country's rail company sn cs, but the strike is slowing, not stopping yet. faced with a still nice day of travel,. that is forcing people to find other ways of getting around. that will push for a new initiative of paris' bike sharing program, expanding to bicycles for kids. minister vows to teach a lesson to the strong -- to the islamist of chemists taken over much of the north. his government has now asked united states to help by launching airstrikes.
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isis fighters have been attacking elite regards to defend the biggest or the y to the north of baghdad. isis seems to control most of .he complex but iraqi officials say they still have control of the site. a bit more clarity on this, let's bring in martin. what more can you tell us about what is happening there and why the oil refinery is so strategic? >> it does appear that isis is within striking distance of taking full control of the facility. and it isst area certainly important because it is one of three refineries in the land. it supplies oil to the north of the country. it was already taken off-line tuesday night to save what is left of it from the advance of insurgency. but despite the fact that iraqi forces have been fighting to
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hang onto it, it appears it will fall, and this may be a serious blow to nouri al-maliki because this is one of the country's key strategic assets. >> you mentioned nouri al-maliki , coming under more fire from not only inside iraq but from abroad as well. what is next for him and will he survive the crisis? >> he said yesterday that he lesson, but what lesson have they learned so far? that his military will run away when opposed. it has not scared them. nouriclear that al-maliki's authority has been crippled. it is also clear that the u.s., his main western ally, is slowly walking away from him. -- if they turn away from him politically, he is finished politically.
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of 40 indianss kidnapped in iraq hopefully -- hope that their relatives will soon be free. the men were all abductive promotional, -- all abducted from mosul. >> workers from the same turkish construction company, these men were kidnapped in mosul, the indian foreign ministry has confirmed. >> based on information we have gleaned from sources, these indian workers i can confirm to you now have been kidnapped. thehis stage we do not know location of these 40 indian workers who were kid napped. >> no ransom has been demanded, but the kidnappers have not been identified, adding all the more to the hostages' families
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distress back in india. >> the last thing we received from our relatives is a call from one of them saying we are in trouble. please do something. we don't know what to do. we did not know what kind of trouble they are in or who they are with. delhi sentsday, new . diplomat to baghdad there are 10,000 indians currently living and working in iraq. >> next to spain where the new monarch begins his reign today. felipe vi has just been officially declared king, taking the throne one day after his father, juan carlos, abdicated after 40 years. more now on the celebration. >> after officially coming to the throne at the stroke of midnight, the next ceremony of eign camepe vi's r
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in a small room of the palace. the former olympian was handed h, makingilk sas him commander-in-chief of the armed forces. it was then on to parliament, driven to the streets of madrid, awash with yellow and red flags of national pride. despite spain being knocked out of the world cup the day ago. he and his wife and his two felipe took the oath of king. that is hereby proclaimed n with the nameg felipe vi. long live the king. long live spain. >> it was more a proclamation than a full-blown coronation, at a time when many spaniards are suffering from an economic downturn.
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popularity rate of the family has tumbled. felipe they ushered in a new era of monarchy. gn,i commence my rei profoundly moved. i am aware of the responsibility this entails and i have hope for the future of spain. >> standing proud in an open top car, the new king of spain greeted his people for ever, reception attended by over 2000 guests. there inve been out the crowds today watching king felipe they go by. tell us more about the reactions of the people there. >> i think there has been a lot of excitement to see them driving through in the open-topped car, but it has to be said there have not been the crowds we expected here and that the authorities expected.
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the madrid townhall has put out 100,000 spanish flags, decorating the streets with white flowers, but many people preferred to watch it at home on television. as is probably a sign of the times. there has been tremendous questioning of the monarchy, and in surveys many people think there should be a referendum on whether there should be a monarchy. that was precisely the mood when felipe gave his speech. he was addressing those people who are now the younger generation, people who do not feel that the monarchy has delivered quite as much as an older generation. was seen as the king who deliver democracy to spain, and the older generation was grateful for that. the younger generation is asking many questions. the king had to say to them today i am aware that institutions need to have moral authority, with the expression that he used, talking about a renewed monarchy.
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that is probably a message. it may have been targeted at those young people watching in their homes. >> we are seeing these live pictures from madrid, continuing their day greeting. true that spain has been going through a difficult time , financial crisis, high unemployment. tell us more about the challenges king felipe had will face ahead. thate of the challenges is they must show that this is a monarchy that is still relevant to young people, and that is why felipe talked about youth unemployment in his speech before parliament. the monarchy faces a number of crises read one of them is that wasking's own sister, who not present in today's event, has been sidelined from public events for a very long time now because she and her husband are under investigation for embezzlement charges linked to a charity that they ran.
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challenge. the second challenge of course is the divided spain. catalonia has asked for a referendum and it has been ruled that it is against the constitution, and the king today said he felt there should be a united spain, but that meant diversity. that was a strong message for all of the regions today. >> thank you for that, sarah. sarah morris reporting from the drip. spain is also licking its wounds from its high-profile exit from the world cup. still they is reigning european and world champs, but it is all over this year after that loss to chile, 2-0. dave barker has more. as the whistle blew inside merrick on you stadium, the m ctions of -- inside stadium, the former
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champions are out of the world cup. we would bethought knocked out of the first round. it is heartbreaking. we did not expect to win the world cup again, but we could have afforded a little bit more. spain put on a week display and went down 2-02 tournament dark course chile. weise --charles arnon the result means both chile and the netherlands are the first team to qualify for the knockout stages. man, i cannot feel my heart. we traveled on 11 days from chile by bus to be here for this. amazing, man. great. >> next we're are going to pick up the netherlands. the cap the first high-profile
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exit in the brazil world cup. and 89-year-old man from philadelphia is facing possible expedition -- possible extradition to germany over ziarges that he worked at a na camp. allegations stemming from his suspected service as an ss guard at auschwitz during world war ii. he was arrested tuesday outside his home. he admitted he was a guard at auschwitz in occupied poland, but he says he worked outside the death camp and had nothing to do with the slaughter of 1.5 million jews and others behind the gates. out inghting broke eastern ukraine this morning despite a promise from the president of the cease-fire. ukrainian forces and pro-russian separatists were locked in fierce battle with some reports saying tanks have been deployed by both sides. according to one military analyst, fighting began when the
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separatists refused the call to lay down their arms in line with the peace plans outlined by president petro poroshenko. >> a chance to lay down their weapons or leave the country great ukraine's president announced a cease-fire plan wednesday that would give pro-russian separatists away out of the conflict in southeastern poroshenkord petro said the unilateral cease-fire could come into effect within days. >> on our side we will offer amnesty to those who surrender their weapons and did not commit horrendous crimes. >> poroshenko proposed the terms of the cease-fire after speaking with angela merkel and vladimir putin tuesday night, but his offer is senseless, according to the separatist leader who does not trust the ukrainian government to keep its word on amnesty.
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meanwhile, hundreds of coal miners gathered in the next -- in donetsk. >> we came here to speak out against the war. we want peace. we are sick of it. if they do not listen to us, then we will move to military action. and there will be no peaceful action anymore. the calls for cease-fire have not deterred fighting in eastern ukraine, and the u.n. says at least 356 people have been killed since early may. >> let's come back to paris. if you have ever been here on vacation, you may have hopped on board one of the hundreds of public bikes that are for rent across the capital. paris is now launching a mini version for kids. they hope the new bikes will breed a new generation of
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cyclists. here is jonathan crane. >> could we be seeing a future tour de france winner? paris officials hope so or they have rolled out the city's popular bike rental scene -- bike rental scene to children, their aim to steer children away from four wheels and onto two. >> we learned at the earliest possible age so that parisians pick up the habit at the earliest opportunity. bikes featuren's the same design as the adult version and come in four sizes from ages two to eight. helmets are also provided, as well as stabilizers for the less steady. for now, they are available at publicty locations, parks and bike paths. >> it is a nice setup because it allows kids to be safe in a private area, to learn how to ride a bicycle. theoes this game also get
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ringing endorsement from the children? >> it is great. we loved it. the little ones, it may be the first time they ride a bicycle. can ask what is great is that we can rent it, first come first serve. eelie other words, it is wh good. >> taking ahead -- a look at our headlines this morning this hour. the iraqi prime minister asks the u.s. to take action against the isys fighters taking over the northern part of the country. monarchlebrates its new . felipe vi calls for unity across the country in his first speech following his proclamation as king. felipe is replacing his father's 40 years on the throne, but that is not the only spanish rain coming to an end. the world cup champs crash out
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of the tournament after two straight losses in brazil. what headlines have been saying focus the world, lots of today on the continuing unrest in iraq. >> "the guardian" focuses on how things are shifting quickly in the region, so much so that the middle east conflict now has no borders, according to an analyst. areays that isis advances not only erasing old borders, it is proving that syria and iraq have merged into one, each feeding and sustaining the other. there has been a lot of focus on the, especially with propaganda machine. a very interesting article focuses on its presence on twitter, and it points out that it might actually be threatened .rom the inside on twitter
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there is a mysterious twitter account that is spilling the group's intimate details on twitter. this has been going on for about the past six months, and it is putting isis in an uncomfortable position because the twitter account revealed that true name of the group's leader, detailing controversial alliances as well as what the group plans on doing next in iraq. so who is behind it mysterious twitter account? it is not clear. " saysaily beast investigators are investigating. it might be a former isis member or basically anybody who wants to knock isis off its perch on the top of the jihadist movement. it seems someone close to the group though. >> moving onto another big story in the national press, the new king of spain. >> it is all over the spanish press, and the conservative paper says felipe vi begins his
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reign. there are papers focusing on the challenges he will face, including calls for independence in catalonia, the institutional crisis, and frustration among other people. it points out that he is probably going to be a different king from his father, even though he very much admired his father. in many ways he has agreed with economics and political science, but he is better prepared for his -- to be king that his father was. with this new era king, calling on fully paid to bring the country together, the eign is a greatr opportunity for a fresh start, doing away with the pessimism and divisions in recent years and restoring hope terry >>\/\\/ .
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dueling headlines between the king and the world cup. >> what is more important than the new king? it is football. the disaster at the world cup, chile of course beating spain 2-0, meaning that spain is out of the competition. >> the world champs. >> the world champs, exactly. a lot of people have been poking fun at the spanish team. my favorite was this one where you see juan carlos with the team when they won the crop -- they won the world cup together. >> and the ongoing strike, now cf, on nice day, the sn strike. >> the light might be at the end of the tunnel. the controversial reform of the railway system have been
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sweetened. this could calm things down. the ceo of the international rail service gets an interview. he says it is time to get back to work and he promises travelers a 33% discount on train passes for july, so take advantage of that. but he really has lost a lot of money. 153 euros because of the -- 150 3 million euros because of the strike. 400 million euros per day because of the strike. >> lots of developments over calls to change the name of a very famous sports team. >> this has been going on for years, decades. there have been calls for the washington redskins to change their name because it is deemed insulting to native americans. for the second time in 15 years, the u.s. patent and trademark office has canceled the federal trademark of the washington
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football club name on the grounds that its name is .isparaging to native americans "the new york times" in its editorial today really applause the decision. there is no question about it that the term redskins has been used as a racial slur and does not deserve protection. the team has about -- the team has vowed to appeal the decision. the washington native americans does not have quite the same ring. let's stay with sports. england is playing later in the world cup am a but we are in the french camp as well with the latest results. out of the world cup after the defending champions were beaten by chilly out of group b. ruby.chile out of chile progress. the netherlands also progressed after a thrilling 3-2 win over
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australia. get thoughts. i saw -- this is the first issue i have in my mind, you know? they won everything. .aybe there is motivation there was no team spirit in this team. spain could never find the key. they could never enter in the danger zone, so, well done. they responded to the world cup hoping that they would beat brazil. it is hoped they will place in the last 16. person coming -- one player coming off suspension netted twice.
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croatia and mexico will fight it out for a place in the last 16. uruguay met england in group d with both sides needing a win to have a chance to be in the last 16. a decision over wayne rooney following a knife world cup game -- a ninth world cup game without scoring. >> i have no doubts going into this game that we will create uruguay big problems going forward. we have a lot of pace, a lot of ability. that is the reason i believe the key to this game is if we can get our defensive side right. i believe we will get a win. we want to stay here for as long as possible, and i am sure everyone in the squad is aware of how difficult it is going to be if we fail tomorrow.
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>> uruguay west stands by costa rica in their match. another defeat in são paulo could mean in elimination. it is a personal goal and i think it is normal that you defend your image and the way the world views you after such a result. it is an opportunity to prove that we have overcome an enormously difficult situation. we are focusing on the game against england because that is all that matters to us. we cannot think further. luis suarez is expected to come back after knee surgery. after an opening group, in honduras, france concentrates on the next opponent.
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